I have had the feeling of pressure around 1 eye now for approx 5 years, and on pressing my fingers around that eye, I feel "liquid" pass down my nose and throat .. The nostril on same side is regularly blocked. It has become a problem, causing me to take decongestants every few hours and a dry, persistent and very irritating cough that is driving me crazy. I had a septum plasty performed 10 years ago, which was a success, but on visiting ENT specialist 1 year ago, and describing above symptoms, he said he had never heard of anything like this before! So I am lost, have no treatment except the Sudafed, and am not sleeping at night due to the cough. Now, my affected eye has begun to twitch. It is so annoying! Anyone any ideas?

The decongestants might be a lot of the problem. post nasal drip is extremely irritating to the throat, hence your cough. I will bet it is not a cough but a clearing of the throat. I would imagine you also have a gravely voice that you constantly have to clear. Your maxillary sinus is almost certainly your problem. You could have a sinus infection. Unless the Sudafed was prescribed by a doctor, I would stop it. Your symptoms might get temporarily worse but that would be the Sudafed withdrawal. Find a new ENT. One easy way is to ask your dentist. And learn the anatomy. Maxillary below each eye. Ethmoid above each eye. And the sphenoid between the eyes. Try sleeping on your side. If the right side is affected sleep on your left to encourage drainage of the R maxillary. Do the opposite if it is the left. Do get checked by a doctor cause some other things that can do this are rare but nasty.